Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Spring is here and the dreaded spring cleaning is lingering close behind. Every year there seems to be more things that haven't been used in years and it's time they have met their final day.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the hardest part about anything is to just get started. There are slim pickens for those that enjoy spring cleaning. Feel free to disagree, but it is actually satisfying to check off some of those pesky little tasks we all push off.

We are going to discuss some of the main tips and tricks us at Direct Lenders, LLC suggest to get a jump on the warmer weather. Also, cleaning the inside of your home will keep you out of that infectious pollen. This is going to be a lot of fun, so let's start cleaning!

Loan Officer Randy Cook

Randy Cook

Loan Officer

Tips & Tricks

Little At A Time

We by no means underestimate your capabilities as an expert spring cleaner, but a little plan will go a long way. Start small and work your way up. If you break your home down and rank specific areas in your home from lowest priority to highest priority then you have a strategy to start. A good thing to do is to type up a simple checklist and physically mark sections off as you complete them. Checking one section off at a time will allow you to feel motivated as you continue cleaning areas up. Maybe a starting point can be one junk drawer or the hoarder closet. One step at a time!

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

A great way to tackle each room in your home is to knock out actual cleaning with junk removal incorporated. When you empty a shelf to dust then make sure to take at least two things from that shelf and place it in the giveaway pile. Remember that these things are just things and you can't take them with you when you go. Feel free to try and let us know how that goes. We all have things in our home that we question where it came from or why we actually have it. Those are the items that have got to go!

Make It A Game

Once kids are running throughout the home then there are many reasonable excuses as to why things don't get done like they use to. Kids have a way of exhausting their creative energy by turning play time into a tornado through the house. If only we could take that energy and turn it into productivity? Here's an idea! Try turning spring cleaning into a game for your kids. For example, each kid is tasked with getting rid of 10 toys that they don't play with anymore. If they cooperate and achieve the 10 toy goal then they will be rewarded by receiving one toy they have wanted for a long time. Be creative and make it fun.

Recycle and Repurpose

If you work smarter then you may find that spring cleaning can help you not only clean up your home, but also dress it up a bit. We all find things that are terribly challenging to get rid of. That is why if we can take the things we find in our closets and bedrooms then we may be able to repurpose them. We can do more good then bad if we achieve this. By repurposing and recycling we save our junk drawers from adding to the insanely large amount of toxic trash sitting in landfills or worse. Plus, we can keep things we can't let go of. For instance, we found an old decorative wooden Coca-Cola wagon sitting in a closet that had the base of it rotted out. In that same closet we found some old sheet metal. So we took that sheet metal, placed it in the base of the wagon, drilled holes, and created a little flower bed out of it. We were able to repurpose something we liked and recycle stuff that didn't deserve to trash up our planet.

Note: Don't sit down because when you do it'll be very hard to get back up!

Places To Get Rid Of Stuff

So you have cleared out tons of junk in your home and you don't know what to do with it. Instead of just leaving it stacked in the corner of your garage let's get it gone! Below are companies that you can drop off to or have pick up old products that can be repurposed for others that may need it.

Spring Clean A New Home

The best thing anybody can do this time of year is to go ahead and purchase a new home. It is nice to put your stuff in a new space that is all yours. Plus, while you're packing to move you can sort out your old stuff and move into a new home with only stuff you want/need there.

In order to finance your home then choose us. We are a specialized lender that can get anything do accurately and efficiently. Give us a call at (877) 455-0440 to get started with your loan application or continue to explore our website for some really great information about why we are the only lender for you. Happy cleaning!