Tricks & Treats To Pumpkin Carving

October is a month filled with many festive traditions and activities. Of course, Halloween caps off the month, but leading up to it is a ton of fun. That's why we have listed tricks and treats to pumpkin carving. Maybe you can try something new with your family at home this year.

Direct Lenders, LLC is a place built by family and we know that there are many amazing memories that happen this time of year. Hopefully, we are able to help you and yours make the most of your upcoming holiday season.

Now, let's dive into our tricks and treats, but you have to do us a favor too. What are some of your tricks or treats that you can share with us? If you have any creative pumpkin recipes or funny stories then we would love to hear all about them. Our mission is to help families find a home that they live out the best memories in. Nothing is better then hearing all about it!

Loan Officer Beth Southern

Beth Southern

Loan Officer


Trick #1: Bottom First

The common way to cut a pumpkin is to slice open the top and scrape out all of the insides. Trouble comes when the lid seems to magically change shapes, which causes multiple problems. An easy solution is to cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin instead. This makes cleaning out the guts easier and helps the pumpkin stay solid longer.

Trick #2: Toothpicks Are Our Friends

Mistakes are a key human characteristic. So, when a mistake happens during pumpkin carving and all hope seems lost there may be a solution. Try using a toothpick to put back together the pieces that may have accidentally received the edge of your knife. The toothpicks are strong enough to put pieces back together firmly and they hide well, so nobody can tell!

Trick #3: Spray With Bleach

If you have trouble keeping your pumpkin looking freshly carved for longer then a single week then there's an easy fix. Try spraying your pumpkins with water and a little bit of bleach mixed in every day. This will keep the pumpkin from drying up and catching grubby bacteria.

Note: Make sure to be careful when cutting pumpkins... Please!


Treat #1: Pumpkin Seeds

Whatever you do, don't just toss your pumpkins' seeds in your compost pile. There are many great uses for them, which can include tossing them in a salad, adding them to desserts or simply roasting them to eat. If you choose to roast them then all you need to do is clean them, spread them out on an oven pan, mix some olive oil and your choice of seasonings to produce a wonderful fall snack.

Treat #2: Cinnamon For The Win

Once you have finished carving your pumpkins and put them out on the front porch for all of your neighbors to see you need to add two final items. First, a trusty candle that'll allow the pumpkin to glow bright at night. Second, sprinkle cinnamon on the inside of the pumpkin top, so when the candle is lit it will make your pumpkin smell like a yummy dessert.

Treat #3: Grow Your Own

Pumpkins are actually a great food source that we often take for granted. Millions of pumpkins get thrown in the trash or burn pile every year. Well, what if we could repurpose our pumpkins each year? The best way to do that is to use the seeds to plant our very own pumpkin garden. This can save money and help take care of our planet too! Here is a great site to learn how to grow your own pumpkins.

Halloween at Home

If you are currently looking for a place to call home this Halloween then we can help. We know this market can seem very challenging to navigate and that's why we are here. Our goal is to make sure those that are working hard to be in their home during the upcoming holidays are able to financially do so.

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