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Get Back In The Home Buying Game
Now is a great time to get back in the home buying game. There has been a lot of concern as to if buying a home is a smart decision with the way today’s market is. The simple answer is yes, but why?As a mortgage lender we have witnessed many people back out of their […]
Home Equity Line of Credit
We are extremely happy to announce that we have brought back not only a Second Mortgage product, but as well as a Home Equity Line of Credit product. In a market where there are so many people sitting on a large sum of equity it is important that lenders have products that can support people’s […]
Affordable Summer Fun For The Whole Family
We have reached the time of year where the heat is hammering down and the kids are running wild trying to keep from being bored. The current market we live in has made it hard to travel and spend money. That is why we have detailed some affordable summer fun for the whole family to […]
Real Estate Relaxation
Real Estate Agent Relaxation Guide
It is no secret that real estate agents are extremely hard working professionals. Without their efforts there would be a lot of people that may never be able to find and actually score their dream home. All of us at Direct Lenders, LLC appreciate agents and that’s why we created this real estate agent relaxation […]

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