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Renting a home versus buying a home
Pros and Cons of Renting vs Buying
There is a misconception about mortgage lenders and how they target renters to apply for a loan. Most lenders understand that there are certain circumstances and reasons why people should choose renting versus buying a home.If they are a good lender like Direct Lenders, LLC then they will target renters for the right reasons. For […]
Interest Rates
How Interest Rates Are Determined
An interest rate is probably the most popular topic when it comes to the mortgage industry. Of course, there are much more aspects into this detailed business, such as annual percentage rates, annual prime offer rate, loan programs, and so much more.Lately, we have seen some historical interest rates and it is crazy to think […]
Know What Moves To Make To Succeed As A Loan Officer
Why Loan Officers Don’t Succeed
The mortgage industry is growing older. More specifically, the loan officers in the mortgage industry are aging out while the number of youth is not replenishing the business.So what’s the deal with this trend? Many people are trying to figure out why so many are entering this rewarding sales career, but not making it past […]
Finance Your Home In 2022
Finance Your Home In 2022
The new year is here and everybody in the mortgage industry is eager to jump right into it with a ton of opportunities for borrowers.All of us found ourselves in awe how low interest rates were these past two years and how high the price of homes escalated. We want to help you finance your […]

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