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Loan Officer Randy Bristol
Randy Bristol

NMLS #307695

It is safe to say that CEO, Randy Bristol, is one of the best in the mortgage industry. With over 35 years of experience he has achieved more than most can possibly imagine. The key to his success is working around the clock to help his borrowers and agents get what they need. Mr. Bristol is one of the most intelligent mortgage professionals around and has produced billions in volume. He genuinely has a heart of gold and is always looking for ways to help others. Mr. Bristol is genuinely one of a kind. Contact Randy Bristol today, so he can assist you in your financial needs.

Loan Officer Beth Southern
Beth Southern

NMLS #206979

As the other half of the West and Southern Team at Direct Lenders, LLC, Beth Southern is a wonderful member to our company. She has redefined what it means to be a servant to every community she has been able to support. After 20 years of experience she's accumulated the knowledge needed to succeed in this industry. Her resilience to help her borrowers has been one of the leading factors in her achievements. One of Mrs. Southern's best qualities is that she has a way of understanding people. Southern hospitality. If you like to be understood then contact Beth!

Loan Officer Lloyd Fiedler
Lloyd Fiedler

NMLS #285331

The Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia granted Lloyd Fiedler with the 2017 Platinum Award. This achievement is one of many that Lloyd has earned since his time at Direct Lenders, LLC. The Clemson University graduate has always been a leader in the financial world. Lloyd has built his over 25 year career on the same principles that he built his life. This includes loyalty, trust, patience, and understanding. In his spare time he enjoys playing tennis, fishing, and traveling. His greatest accomplishment is being a dad to his daughter Abigail. Contact Lloyd today!

Loan Officer Randy Cook
Randy Cook

NMLS #2303719

As one of the newest members of the Direct Lenders family, Randy Cook, is a familiar face. He worked in the mortgage industry for over 15 years, but felt a true calling into ministry. As he served in his church he built his faith and fellowship for many dedicated years. Now, he has approached our team with a desire to rejoin us. Since Mr. Cook is genuinely one of the nicest individuals that walks this earth and he is an expert loan officer, we welcomed him back with open arms. There are very few individuals out there that compare to Mr. Cook. Make sure to contact Randy!

Loan Officer Brent Hancock
Brent Hancock

NMLS #2026509

There's always one individual who is the Swiss Army Knife for a company. Ours is Brent Hancock. As a new loan officer at Direct Lenders, LLC, Brent caught on fast. Brent spent 30 years in the automotive industry before retiring and moving to Jasper, Georgia. He owns a bed and breakfast in Jasper with his wife and works endless hours to give all of his customers a first class experience. His passion for people led him to the mortgage industry where he has added another feature to his impressive resume. He is the definition of hardworking. Contact Brent today!

Loan Officer Chandler Hilton
Chandler Hilton

NMLS #2060549

The newest member to the Direct Lenders, LLC team is Chandler Hilton. He approached our CEO, Randy Bristol, with a desire to learn more and find the keys to success. He has served as a loan officer assistant to Randy Bristol and has grown in his short time with our company. Chandler has allowed us to develop a new role within our company that will serve as a training program for eager individuals who have a passion for the mortgage industry and strive to help people. The future is bright for Chandler and his mortgage career. Contact Chandler today!

Leif Shaw

NMLS #544421

In 2002 Leif Shaw began providing financial answers for new home buyers. Leif has been recognized for his mortgage accomplishments numerous times. He has become well-known for being one of the most trustworthy individuals in the mortgage industry. Throughout his career he has found ways to help people that many others would not have even considered. Being a rule follower and a gentleman has made Leif very successful. Leif is a full-time mortgage professional, but more importantly he is a devoted husband and father to three. Contact Leif Shaw today!

Loan Officer Chris Walker
Chris Walker

NMLS #181383

Since 1999 Chris Walker has helped people all over get the financing needed for their home. Mr. Walker is a true family man and takes pride in his love for them. Chris is always ready to go out of his way to help those in need. Whether it is a refinance or a purchase, Chris Walker can get the job done right. His loyalty to Direct Lenders, LLC is a direct representation to his character. His knowledge about business and the mortgage industry as a whole is up there with the best. If you are in need of a mortgage professional, you can't go wrong with Chris. Contact him today!

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