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Last Updated: June 6, 2022 | Direct Lenders, LLC – NMLS # 306130

At Direct Lenders, LLC, we want to make sure our clients private information and data are as secure as possible. Our goal is to make sure all clients are well-aware of how there data is collected and what it is used for. The privacy policy is meant to inform, but more importantly, protect all of our clients.

The privacy policy is a description of what we do to protect you and your personal information. Through the policy we hope to ensure that our visitors feel safe and are able to trust as. The site,, (Website) and any site associated directly with our main page falls into this privacy policy. This includes application pages that are serviced by our third-party loan application provider, BeSmartee. In order to keep our clients safe this policy provides information regarding the rights our clients possess and are to respect pertaining to each individual’s personal rights.

Direct Lenders, LLC’s number one priority is security and safety of all non-public information. All records are securely stored physically or digitally in direct obedience with all laws and regulations necessary. All services provided to clients viewing the Website are for adults 18 years of age and older. No information is collected for those that do not meet this minimum age requirement and is properly disposed of.

Collection of Personal Information

All information collected is voluntarily by those who input it onto our website on their own. The only exception is when a client gives permission or requests their personal information to be put into the system via a licensed loan originator or operations staff member if it does not require a loan originator license. Information collected is used primarily to continue with the production of a particular service. Additional options are those that include clients showing genuine interest in information provided by Direct Lenders, LLC. Our Website and associated pages are dedicated to ensuring that all clients are fully aware of their home financing options and equip them to be better shoppers.

Non-Public Information

It is important to understand what non-public information is. We classify non-public information as anything that ties back to an individual. This can include the visitor’s first name or their email address. We protect visitors information be not selling or distributing the information to anybody or any company that does not directly work for or assist in the work of Direct Lenders, LLC.

Additional Collection of Information On Our Website

The Website is used to collect data that includes name, email address, birthday, etc. Other information is collected through Website traffic. Through browsing our Website we are able to track the pages you accessed while on our site. No personal information is collected through this tactic. We use these capabilities, so we can better understand our viewers and better equip them with the resources they are looking for. The information collected can be the date, time, and the pages of our website you explored. All data points for this tactic leave the identity of each viewer fully secure. We do not know who is browsing, but we can track the amount of people browsing. The only way we receive personal information of yours is if you voluntarily disclose that with us.

Use of Tracking

Direct Lenders, LLC is able to track the Website traffic due to IP addresses. Each computer uses an IP address to be an identifier. These addresses are able to be tracked that provide important information, such as the location of the computer and how long computer used the Website. This information is important to understand what our visitors are looking for and what they are in need of. IP addresses do not directly allow us to know who that IP address is connected to, but it is possible if necessary.

Live Chat Tool

Direct Lenders, LLC involves the use of third-parties that assist in business operations and marketing. These third parties are Salem Media, BeSmartee, Mortgage Builder, Continuity Programs, Google Analytics, and more. Third-parties are given the ability to track IP addresses as already discussed. Through this action third-parties are able to track specific information to target a specific audience for marketing purposes. No information is ever sold to third-parties. To protect the visitor there are options to opt-out of any marketing piece that is controllable by the visitor.

A live chat tool is a lead generator that offers support to the website viewer and sends possible leads to Direct Lenders, LLC that have displayed an interest in a home loan. The individuals communicating via the live chat tool are real people. They are not employed by Direct Lenders, LLC and are sourced through a third-party service. Only basic information is collected through the live chat tool and is not shared with any other source except for Direct Lenders, LLC. All personal information is only used for legal business purposes and is not sold to third-party vendors.

Data Usage

There is no use of information to cause any form of harm or damage to any individual. All data usage is strictly related to business operations. Personal data and information can be shared with companies that are receiving the transferred loan. Also, the data can be used to give to affiliates that need the information for their end of the business operations. Furthermore, any individual involved in a file or that individual’s personal business relationship then they are permitted specific information. Third parties that assist in business operations and marketing are permitted specific data as well. No abuse of information is ever granted.

Secured Passwords

In order to fill out a loan application via the Website an applicant is required to create an account. These accounts require the applicant to create a password. These passwords have specific requirements to provide safety to the individual. Every password that is created is not given out to others. It is part of the personal information included when we discuss not sharing personal information.


Direct Lenders, LLC does not intend to over infiltrate visitors inbox. We do reserve the right to reach out from time to time in various ways. These notifications can include emails, text messages, direct mail and other forms of media. All notifications offer an option to unsubscribe and be removed from the contact list. If you have trouble unsubscribing or believe you already have then contact Direct Lenders, LLC for assistance.

Sharing of Personal Information

Any personal information collected by Direct Lenders, LLC via the Website is kept private from any person or entity that is not directly involved in the loan process or customer satisfaction strategies. There are few exceptions to this policy that may include but are not limited to legal obligations, “need to know” situations and if the sharing of information is needed to complete the loan process.

All personal information that needs to be shared will require consent from each party involved. No information will be distributed without a form of consent presented to the individual whose information is being shared. The only time consent is not required is if there are laws that state otherwise.

Sharing of information amongst Direct Lenders, LLC and third parties that assist in the loan process or customer relationships is permitted. No personal information is used to gain profit. Information is securely kept and limited to those directly working for or with the individual whose information is being handled.

Privacy Policy Acknowledgement

While using our Website and other pages involved with our Website you are accepting that you agree with the Terms and privacy policy required by Direct Lenders, LLC. Any submission of information is an act of agreeing with the policies. If you have any questions pertaining to the Terms or privacy policy then you should contact Direct Lenders, LLC to resolve the issue.

Visitor Location

If you do not reside in the locations that Direct Lenders, LLC conducts business then please do not submit your personal information. We only operate in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and Utah. No individual out of these states or the United States should use the Website. Information submitted on the Website that falls out of these locations will be properly disposed of digitally.

Privacy Statement Changes

Direct Lenders, LLC is able to adjust the privacy policy at any time as we hold ownership of the Website and all of the content connect to it. In order to stay aware of privacy policy changes make sure to check the Website every time you use the Website to make sure that nothing has changed that you disagree with. Every change made to the Website is not meant to trick or deceive our viewers, but to update information. We want to ensure that our visitors are as informed and updated as well as possible.

Contact Information

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please call or write us at (877) 455-0440. You can also contact us by mail using the address: 1600 Kennesaw Due West Rd. NW, Suite 610, Kennesaw, GA 30152.

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